Business Issues

Be Disruptive. Break Habits. Influence Behavior.
Understand not only how consumers and intermediaries make decisions but why they make these decisions. Intelligence that influences the customer to choose your brand more often.
Retain. Grow. Increase Loyalty and Share of Wallet.
Using an outside-in approach, which puts customers at the center of your business, we uncover the intelligence needed to deliver a truly differentiated experience.

Business Issue CMI Solution
Grow share by attracting potential customers, while building loyalty with existing customers Decision Pathways™ and Segmentation
A strategic framework for identifying the points along the decision pathway, we you can effectively attract potential customers and build loyalty with existing customers segments.
CMI’s experience covers disruptive and competitive markets, new product launches and brand re-launch.
Drive new physician prescribing choices yPrescribe™
Our approach puts physicians in the prescribing seat to reveal hidden decision shortcuts. The approach answers the how and why that their drive choices.
Shift customer behavior and increase share-of-wallet Share Pathways™
An integrated research program that provides a strategic blueprint on what drives share of wallet. Designed specifically to meet the needs of our financial services, insurance and B2B clients.
Influence agent quoting behavior yQuote™
Designed for industries that utilize agents or advisors as their sales channel, yQuote uncovers the how and why these intermediaries refer one brand over another, providing you with the intelligence to influence the decision process.
Uncover customer pain points and achieve competitive advantage Journeys and Immersive Research
Taking an outside-in approach, we uncover the pain points and moments of truth along a customer journey. Utilizing the latest online and offline discovery techniques, our qualitative team gives fresh perspective to complex process and sensitive topics.
Persuade customers to commit to your brand Concept and Message Optimization
Break through the clutter. Our integrated approaches enable our clients to craft impactful messaging that disrupt and influence behavior.
Communicate critical differences in customer segments Customer Persona Design
Colorizes customer segments to develop rich profiles your sales and marketing can use to deliver the right messages to targeted segments. Deliverables are visual and compelling.
Drive continuous improvement through effective enterprise reporting Brand and Customer Experience Tracking
Understand and monitor your brand image and/or customer experience either at the transactional or relationship level. Utilizing the powerful analytics, insights drive continuous improvement and enable effective resource allocation.
Strategically align your entire company ViewPointCX™
CMI’s proprietary interactive reporting platform infuses your organization with insights from multiple sources of data, from customer experience tracking to VOC analytics.
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CMI Brochures Customer Stickiness eBook Share Pathways Case Study
CMI Brochure Customer Stickiness eBook Share Pathways Case Study