Pharmaceutical and Life Science

From market disruption to mergers and acquisitions, pharmaceutical brand teams are facing game changing challenges in today’s competitive landscape. Your brand is either in a physician’s prescribing decision loop, or not. Having a solid go-to-market plan, one that is informed by decision intelligence is now more important than ever.

Too many times we’ve seen a new drug introduction perform poorly due to a disconnected strategy that has no messaging relevance to the physician, or take into account the triggers and touchpoints necessary to influence brand choice. In other instances we see brand teams struggling – or even skipping the step – of developing a strategic blueprint for defending its brand against a new high potential entrant. What’s the consequence? In a nutshell, companies are losing time, market share and profits.

At CMI, we deliver decision intelligence that informs strategies that focus on managing the prescribing pathway to greater share. We identify the “tipping points” along the decision pathway for both new brands and brands that must defend themselves in disruptive markets. We consult and collaborate with the brand team to develop the messages and conversations necessary to influence prescription writing behavior.

It’s not enough to know how physicians, patients, and healthcare administrators make decisions. To influence those decisions in the future, we must know why they make these decisions, and where we can make the most impact to guide their decision to choose your brand.

Our solutions have been developed through years of study in decision making and incorporate key tenets from social psychology, ethnography and behavioral economics.

Success Stories

  • Patient Decision Pathway: Understanding the patient experience from symptoms to refill

  • CMI modeled the “patient pathway” for a global pharmaceutical company to identify and understand patients’ critical “decision points” from the first recognition of symptoms through refilling a prescription.

    The result: identified new markets, uncovered patients’ information needs, and improved the patient-physician dialogue.

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  • Behavioral Pathway Analysis: Understanding target customers and their behaviors

  • CMI developed a segmentation scheme for people with a chronic condition and followed participants over time to validate their stages of change and understand how to message to individuals at various points along their decision pathway.

    The result: uncovered underlying behaviors and motivations that guided a successful new marketing campaign.

  • Improving Messaging: Hearing what patients won’t share with their MD

  • CMI helped a leading pharmaceutical company establish an anonymous online discussion platform of patients with a stigmatizedcondition to understand their attitudes and behaviors toward their health, symptoms, the client’s brand, and competitors.

    The result: identified valuable messaging opportunities for patients and new information for sales reps to share with doctors to improve the physician-patient dialog.

Broad experience means creative solutions.

Broad experience means creative solutions.

Nationally and globally, via B2B and B2C channels, we help clients identify and understand the touch points and triggers that prompt customers to consider, choose, and advocate for their brands.

Our belief that knowledge is transferable and our commitment to thoroughly understand your industry’s unique challenges means we bring the best of both worlds to you – deep industry knowledge and diverse, wide-ranging experience.