Healthcare and Health Plans

The healthcare industry faces challenges on many fronts, including increasing financial pressures, competition, and government intervention. CMI has worked with a wide variety of healthcare organizations and the patients they serve. CMI’s unique ability to tell the customer’s story in a comprehensive and realistic way brings the patient healthcare experience to life and uncovers ways to better serve customers and improve financial results. From in-depth patient/physician “conversations” to modeling that depicts influencers and motivations that drive customer decisions, CMI’s immersive and integrated research techniques uncover essential information to develop solid, effective strategies.
Success Stories
  • Patient Satisfaction Monitoring: Understanding the patient experience
  • An ongoing patient satisfaction program for a major healthcare provider follows up with adult and pediatric patients after recent office visits.

    The result: distributed patient experience results via ViewPointCX™, providing timely feedback to internal stakeholders and improving service system-wide.

  • Increasing Clinic Market Share: Determining what women want
  • CMI conducted focus groups for a specialty clinic for women with the client’s and competitors’ patients to understand the treatment landscape, the decision pathways, and effectiveness of the clinic’s messaging.

    The result: uncovered ways to drive more traffic to the clinic through broadening the clinic’s appeal and increasing physician referrals.

  • Flexible Brand and Awareness Monitoring: Checking a brand’s vitals
  • This ongoing assessment of brand awareness for a leading non-profit organization drives timely adjustments to communication strategy and awareness campaigns to enhance effectiveness.

    The result: identified highest priorities for increasing donor involvement which improved the marketing campaign

  • Understanding Benefits Enrollment: Tackling customer attrition
  • To better understand customer attrition CMI conducted an immersive ethnographic exploration of the enrollment process for individual health insurance members for the largest national health insurance provider to better understand customer attrition.

    The result: dramatically improved marketing materials with effective and clear information to address consumers’ most important questions and concerns.

Broad experience means creative solutions.

Broad experience means creative solutions.

Nationally and globally, via B2B and B2C channels, we help clients identify and understand the touch points and triggers that prompt customers to consider, choose, and advocate for their brands.

Our belief that knowledge is transferable and our commitment to thoroughly understand your industry’s unique challenges means we bring the best of both worlds to you – deep industry knowledge and diverse, wide-ranging experience.