Business-to-Business and Other Services

CMI successfully applies learning across industries that share similar business models, often bringing a fresh perspective to familiar problems and helping our clients manage and maximize their resources when dealing with complex business models and multiple intermediaries.
Success Stories
  • Business-to-business: Understanding complex sales channels
  • A CRM program aimed at one corporate account actually depends on managing multiple relationships with numerous stakeholders—from the C-level through procurement, right down to the end user. To effectively manage relationships with those interdependent—yet frequently siloed—stakeholders, it is essential to understand the corporate decision-making process across the target accounts. For a large B2B client, CMI deployed a “case study” approach to understand the motivations, needs, expectations, and processes of all key purchasing influencers.

    The result: developed new collateral and training for the client’s sales team.

    A path to purchase study to explore the triggers, drivers, and barriers to a complex purchase process. One particular element that was incorporated was a measure of time in order to plot each trigger or decision event on a timeline. A cascading price exercise was also included in the study.

    The result: senior management used the insights to fuel the planning process and results were socialized through the sales and marketing teams. New messaging and sales strategies were developed.

Broad experience means creative solutions.

Broad experience means creative solutions.

Nationally and globally, via B2B and B2C channels, we help clients identify and understand the touch points and triggers that prompt customers to consider, choose, and advocate for their brands.

Our belief that knowledge is transferable and our commitment to thoroughly understand your industry’s unique challenges means we bring the best of both worlds to you – deep industry knowledge and diverse, wide-ranging experience.